Marketing Operations Manager - UL300421A
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Golden Valley



Job Purpose

The Marketing Operations Manager will be responsible for providing leadership and management of the marketing team and function for the business unit, including the planning and delivery of various gaming marketing initiatives. The role will collaborate with central marketing and operations management in customising and co-ordinating the unit€™s Customer Experience plans (including promotions, activations and MVG Loyalty Programme); ensuring database integrity; and implementing digital marketing campaigns to support the business in maximising footfall to the property. In so doing the role will support the customer acquisition, growth, reactivation and retention plans and build the unit€™s gaming brand as the casino brand of choice. The role will also focus on building a solid marketing talent pipeline to support innovative and sustainable marketing solutions.


Minimum of a 3-year B Degree in Marketing



  • Minimum of 5 years€™ marketing experience with 3 years in a PR and promotions position
  • Marketing management experience is an advantage; Preferably obtained within the casino and or hospitality environment

Skills and Knowledge

Core and Personal Behavioural competencies: 

  • Analysing
  • Creating solutions (Deciding; Innovating)
  • Taking action (Initiating; Organising; Taking ownership)
  • Implementing skills (Managing projects, driving results,
  • creating customer experiences)
  • Controlling (risks, results and relationships)
  • Relating (connecting, valuing diversity, interacting)
  • Integrating (Collaborating; Managing conflict)
  • Influencing (Persuading; Informing; Coaching)
  • Leading People
  • Maintaining focus
  • Emotional maturity


Technical / Proficiency competencies:

  • Industry knowledge
  • Marketing research
  • English Verbal & Written Communication skills
  • Financial & Business Acumen
  • Digital acumen including Social Media platforms
  • Networking skills
  • Cultural understanding & protocol
  • Business Intelligence interpretation
  • Proficient Computer Skills (MS Office / Opera /Single View
  • of the Customer)

Key Performance Areas:

Delivered Marketing Plans & Results

  • Understand the business strategy and develop objectives and delivery plans for the business unit marketing function to enable increased footfall to the property
  • Provide input into new and innovative marketing plans and leverage relationships to promote revenues and competitive edge and support the operationalisation of the gaming strategy
  • Collaborate with the central marketing teams to grow the unit€™s Gaming brand across various online platforms and social media channels to increase customer recognition and grow interest and excitement around the brand as the casino brand of choice
  • Conduct market research collection, analysis, and interpretation of data and business intelligence tools to provide a clear view of customer preferences
  • Influence and co-ordinate promotions and activations (including events, entertainment) by determining and evaluating customer trends and preferences; and adapt plans to meet changing business priorities
  • Collaborate with gaming to develop retention and acquisition plans to identify opportunities for new acquisition, site visitations and revenue spend
  • Investigate and compile a client synopsis which provides specific value add information that informs decision making
  • Conduct meet-and-greets and entertain whenever required
  • Monitor and audit the unit€™s customer relationship database to ensure the data is complete and accurate and provides consistent and reliable insights into the unit€™s customers, their preferences and feedback
  • Develop and measure gaming marketing and direct marketing campaigns to support the achievement of Gaming business objectives, based on BI insights and data analyses
  • Support VIP and key customer relationships to grow customer visitation, acquisition and retention targets
  • Measure and report on the ROI impact of various marketing initiatives and activations


Campaign Management

  • Define and adapt the business unit CVP as required
  • Collaborate with central Marketing teams to create a strong and consistent brand identity for the business unit
  • Develop and co-ordinate multi-channel acquisition campaigns both online and offline in line with available budget
  • Co-ordinate and manage logistics and execution of promotions and activation events
  • Develop and complete the planning of promotions/campaigns and entertainment events that are relevant to the target market and innovative (fresh) in approach
  • Collaborate with the central marketing team to develop initiatives and online content to promote the unit including SEO; Paid media; Social media
  • Provide innovative solutions and campaign objectives for the delivery of strategic objectives at a unit level
  • Monitors implementation to ensure that the campaigns and objectives are rolled out as per plan
  • Attend events to leverage opportunities to acquire new business and build solid relationships with key customers
  • Authorise proofs on all content and manage the distribution of brochures and marketing collateral and toolkits across the unit
  • Collect feedback from internal stakeholders regarding campaign success and post-mortem evaluations
Delivered MVG Loyalty Management
  • Liaise with central Marketing to develop retention and acquisition campaigns
  • Manage and monitor the implementation of the MVG Programme for the unit
  • Manage the customer database hygiene to ensure thorough and accurate data is available for analysis
  • Conduct analyses of customer data around their behaviour to enable customer-based solutions in growing footfall and spend and ultimately revenue for the unit
  • Communicates campaign and loyalty programme plans and activations with key stakeholders
  • Monitors implementation to ensure that the campaign is rolled out as per plan
  • Utilises and optimises relevant systems and its tools
  • Analyse and report on the effectiveness of campaigns 

Stakeholder Relationship Management

  • Communicates with internal stakeholders on marketing plans, ensuring their full understanding for implementation
  • Communicates and negotiates with external vendors, agents, entertainers, etc - builds and maintains strong relationships to ensure credibility and trust to leverage future business
  • Liaise with central sales and marketing departments to ensure synergy on objectives and campaigns
  • Briefs and manages vendor contract deliverables
  • Communicates and updates business unit team with regards promotions, events, entertainment happening across the complex, so everyone is sufficiently informed of happening

Budget management

  • Responsible for the following financial processes for the Unit Marketing function including:
  • Developing and managing the departmental budget
  • Revenue maximization activities and results (ROI)
  • Cost and expense management
  • Capex
  • PIP and forecasting
  • Provide feedback on the financial report for the function
  • Feedback on the ROI of campaigns and marketing initiatives and recommendations

People management

  • Manage positive Employee relations within the department
  • Drives a performance management culture
  • Provides direction and support to employees with regard to marketing initiatives, campaigns and innovations
  • Provides motivation and leadership to promote positive working relationships
  • Track, measure and enhance employee engagement
  • Identify and manage training, coaching and development requirements in line with plans and initiatives
  • Manage internal communication and development interventions to ensure competence levels of staff meet operational level requirements (right fit for the job)
  • Source and Select talent as per EE plan
  • Ensure alignment with EE, SD and procurement strategies which contribute towards BBBEE targets being achieved
  • Performance Management and coaching of staff to ensure KPA€™s are achieved


Please Note that, Preference will be given to suitably qualified employees from the designated groups in line with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act, No. 55 of 1998 (and any amendments thereto), the relevant internal recruitment policy as well as unit?s employment equity plans and Gaming Board License conditions.