Marketing Manager - N/A11194
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Wild Coast Sun


Bizana/Port Edward

Job Purpose

Responsible and accountable for the leadership, and management of the marketing function for the business unit, including achieving brand awareness, customer acquisition, business growth, reactivation and retention to maximise the revenue potential of the business unit for domestic and local markets.


  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Tertiary qualification in marketing from an accredited institution


·         3-5 Years management experience in a marketing field 

·         Gaming, hospitality and entertainment industry experience is an advantage


Skills and Knowledge

Ability to demonstrate the following:

·         Gaming Marketing Forecasting and Analysis

·         Marketing Communications

·         Gaming Industry Product Knowledge

·         Strategy Development and Implementation

·         Financial Management

·         Brand Management

·         Actively promotes the development of people as a primary resource. 

·         Build and maintain sound relationships and a network of contacts in pursuit of organisational goals. 

·         Actively influence events and makes the right things happen with the intent to implement best practice.

·         Identify opportunities to increase revenue by focusing on coordination, integration and optimisation of resources and business decisions.

·         Communicate persuasively to gain agreement to proposals or ideas in the organisation

·         Encourage and model innovation to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.  Generates innovative solutions. Encourage and try different and novel ways to deal with problems and opportunities.

·         Lead an effective team and drives execution to consistently produce results.

·         Fluent in English speaking and writing, speaking regional language an advantage.

·         Flexible hours where business needs requires

·         Computer literacy


Key Performance Areas:

1.       Business Unit Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation         

€¢                    Recommend including a thorough analysis of current trends

€¢                    Align to unit / group / regional strategies

€¢                    Ensure implementation achieves organisational / unit / regional objectives

€¢                    Ensure the plan addresses the risks that could prevent the department from achieving strategic objectives

€¢                    Optimally utilise Business intelligence toolsto achieve results 

€¢                    Ensure business plan elements as per standard template

€¢                    Comply to legal requirements and legislation

€¢                    Review and update to current environment

€¢                    Reflects the attributes of the brand

€¢                    Include effective communication plan €“ make all stakeholders  aware of strategy for implementation in specific marketing departments.


2.       Direct Marketing and Loyalty Management      

·         Ensure that Direct Marketing and Loyalty strategy implementation achieves the objectives

·         Ensures communication is maintained as per strategy and achieves the objectives

·         Acquire, Grow, Retain and Re-activate customer base to achieve financial goals

·         Delivers customers based solutions Thorough analysis of customer database and behaviour

·         Ensure Customers expectations are met or exceeded

·         Utilise and maintain loyalty programme  to respond to customer needs

·         Ensure Optimal utilisation of marketing systems and solutions to achieve results

·         Ensure database hygiene and enhancement at all times

·         Comply with company loyalty benefits and focus program to be rewards based

·         Support VIP Services initiatives


3.       Trend Analysis 

·         Provide monthly as per organisational requirements

·         Ensures content adheres to organisational standards

·         Ensure the Response / action to trend analysis recommendations adds value to the unit€™s objectives 


4.       Strategic Internal Relationships

·         Communicate department€™s objectives, standards and operating procedures to internal service providers as per SLA

·         Maintain contact with all stakeholders as per need/ contract

·         Ensure contact time achieves desired outcomes

·         Ensure change management principles achieve the objectives


5.       Promotions/ Events/ Entertainment     

·         Achieve objectives 

·         Ensure promotions/events/entertainment are innovative (fresh) in approach and implementation

·         Ensure events and entertainment supports the brand values and are applicable to your target market

·         Ensure Optimal utilisation of Marketing systems Management solution to achieve results 


6.       Data Base Integrity        

·         Maintain and increase data base as per target

·         Report as per organisational requirements (content, timing, etc)

·         Utilise data systems optimally to achieve results

·         Adhere to data management policies and procedures.


7.       Financial management               

·         Budget forecasts & control

·         Capex

·         Cost management

·         Revenue Growth


8.       Supplier Relationship Management      

·         Select providers according to company objectives e.g. competence, experience, accreditation, etc

·         Ensure service providers and contractors comply with and perform according to the set criteria

·         Ensure suppliers are partners in design and delivery 

·         Ensure pricing negotiations to mutual benefit


9.    Media Relationships     

·         Respond to media queries within 24 hours or as agreed with media to meet their deadlines

·         Exploit strategic opportunities to manage relations

·         Submit content as per standard operating procedures 

·         Achieve monthly publicity and monitor it against media analysis

·         Deviations from previous publicity benchmarks are reacted to and rectified


10. People management and Development                

·         Drives a performance management culture

·         Monitors HR reports/ compliance to HR standards

·         Provides direction and support to all gaming employees with regard to product development and innovation

·         Provides motivation and leadership to promote positive working relationships

·         Lead and oversee departmental communication ensuring employee and management interaction


11. Brand Management               

·         Create optimal brand awareness as a result of implementation measured against the market research

·         Comply with CI manual

·         Conduct annual reviews as per standard operating procedures

·         Ensure the use of logo meets the brand values and company guidelines

12. Omni-channel communications       

·         Ensure the use of all communications channels in all marketing initiatives, i.e. digital, white mail, email, sms, etc.

·         Relevant and quality communications at all times

·         Formulate communications strategy for each campaign

·         Formulate digital strategy, including web and social media



Preference will be given to employees from the designated groups in line with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act, No. 55 of 1998, SISA internal recruitment policy as well as units employment equity plans.