Gaming Technical Manager - N/A11154
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Job Purpose

The Gaming Technical Manager has the overall responsibility and accountability for leading and managing the gaming technical operations for the business unit in line with gaming regulations; legislative requirements and company standards


  • N4 with a trade (prior 1992)
  • T3, S4 or equivalent (Light Current)


  • Minimum of 3 years€™ experience in Gaming Technical shift management position

Skills and Knowledge

  • Meets the requirements for a key Gaming Licence
  • Ability to work shifts that meet operational requirements
  • Mobility and ability to move around as per job requirements (including with the use of aids)
  • Physically able to move and carry operating equipment in line with job requirements

Key Performance Areas:

  • Understand the Group Technical planning and delivery strategy and align Unit strategy
  • Conduct SWOT analyses and feasibility studies
  • Develop strategic objectives for the Unit€™s gaming technical deliverables
  • Facilitate the management and achievement of milestones of deliverables
  • Understand and integrate leading trends and technology with regards surveillance and security practices
  • Conduct a risk analysis of the business unit areas with regard to internal and external risk and compliance management
  • Manage and allocate people and operational resources
  • Align practices with EE, SD and procurement transformation strategies which contribute towards BBBEE targets being achieved for the property
  • Act as a Subject Matter Expert on gaming technical issues for the
  • Oversee the development and availability of gaming technical standards and processes at a unit level €“ ensuring they are updated and communicated
  • Integrates Group standards into Unit Operations
  • Monitor and align practices with new legislative compliance, gaming regulation requirements and security protocols
  • Implement sufficient control measures (including systems and processes) & checks within each department to mitigate any risk to the business.
  • Conduct weekly walkabouts of work areas, both front of house and back of house areas to monitor compliance
  • Conducts control self-assessments
  • Ensure all staff are trained and found competent against job requirements
  • Works with internal stakeholders (surveillance, security and internal auditors) to identify risk areas and address these
  • Identifies product performance and makes recommendations to address opportunities and gaps
  • Build a business case to motivate gaming enhancements and obtain stakeholder buy-in
  • Compile and co-ordinate plans for the execution of new projects and machine moves
  • Implement and manage approved projects in line with timelines and budget
  • Measure and conduct post-mortem feedback on the implementation of new projects
  • Shares unit successes with other operations

Complete the following reports in line with relevant requirements:

  • Gaming Board reports
  • Investigative/ Audit Reports
  • Monthly Financial Review reports
  • Risk Reports
  • Month end reports
  • FIC reporting
  • Informs department / staff of information required to perform the duties in the gaming technical operations effectively
  • Communicates department€™s objectives, standards and operating procedures to internal and external service providers as per SLA
  • Liaises with marketing department to understand needs and make recommendations with regards technical promotional tools and application designs
  • Manages the relationships and costing with vendors and suppliers
  • Communicates any special guest requirements to other relevant operating departments
  • Provides feedback and reports back to Unit management on the performance and challenges within the gaming technical environment
  • Provides feedback on operations to management team on initiatives, performance, concerns, etc.
  • Consult with stakeholders and provide feedback to necessary parties
  • Provides direction and guidance on risk management to internal stakeholders
  • Train and coach Business units to deliver the gaming technical objectives €“ legislative requirements, GB updates, leading practice in gaming technology, etc


Preference will be given to employees from the designated groups in line with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act, No. 55 of 1998, SISA internal recruitment policy as well as units employment equity plans.