Sustainability Manager - N/A10059
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Sun City Resort



Job Purpose

The Sustainability Manager will be responsible and accountable for the on-site management of an integrated Sustainability function, framework and team for the business unit including the planning, implementation and management of Sustainability policies, procedures, incidents and projects for the business unit, as well as achieving and improving targets for Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental reporting, achievement of the Socio-Economic Development and Enterprise Development pillars on the B-BBEE scorecard and managing associated regulatory risk, with the objective of creating shared value and reconnecting company success with environmental, economical and social progress and the long-term interests of the Company.


  • 3-Year Bachelor€™s Degree in Business Management; BSc Degree in Environmental Management or a Degree in occupational health and safety
  • Certification in auditing and / or B-BBEE requirements and reporting is an advantage


  • Minimum of 2 years€™ experience in SED and ED Consulting and Management
  • Minimum of 8 years€™ experience in SHE management systems and/or working with ISO / SAMTRAC standards
  • Auditing experience is great advantage
  • Exposure to the gaming and hospitality industry Health & Safety requirements is an advantage
  • South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (SAIOSH) Graduate Membership is an advantage

Skills and Knowledge

  • Occupational Health & Safety Act
  • Environmental law & regulations
  • Inspections
  • Investigation skills
  • Incident Reporting
  • Impact assessments
  • Report writing
  • Auditing & managing risk
  • SHE Management Systems (ISO)
  • Conservation and wildlife Management
  • Financial Acumen
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Good presentation skills
  • Proficient skills in MS Office (Word, excel and PowerPoint)
  • Business Acumen

Key Performance Areas:

Delivered Sustainability and ED Framework

  • Act as a Subject Matter Expert on issues of SHE, ED and SED for the business unit property
  • Develop, implement and manage a Sustainability Framework and key objectives to support the improvement and optimisation of SHE practices in line with national regulatory standards, ensuring that the various functional areas have an execution plan to support this
  • Network with key community leaders and stakeholders to understand community challenges and make recommendations to improve the sustainability and SHE standards of the community
  • Develop and adapt strategies to meet changing priorities (environmental changes, community requirements)
  • Conduct an analysis of organisational risks and opportunities, needs in the local communities, and sustainability and environmental concerns to identify gaps to be addressed and align initiatives
  • Develop initiatives and adapt strategies to meet changing priorities (e.g. financial, environmental changes, community requirements) in line with results of analyses
  • Offer expertise and provide leadership support for initiatives to reduce resource consumption across the business unit
  • Elicit new opportunities and leverage relationships to create shared value, competitive edge and social progress; including partnering with external organisations to support sustainability initiatives
  • Receive proposals and research the financial viability and long-term sustainability around specific projects to create shared value (CSV)
  • Promote SI€™s participation on CSV within the media, including participation at media events
  • Ensure internal controls and measurement systems are in place to support sustainability efforts
  • Collect and review the unit€™s B-BBEE information (with specific reference to SED and ED) and develop strategies in these areas to achieve B-BBEE targets against scoring requirements
  • Measure, monitor and report on progress against sustainability plans, objectives and performance targets (health, safety, environmental and SED)
  • Create synergy and alignment of SHE, SED and ED projects across the property to maximise compliance and value of initiatives
  • Liaise with appropriate SHE agencies to understand current standards and help identify possible risks to the property
  • Support local business leaders and the management team in improving operational SHE, ED and SED standards by providing advice and making relevant recommendations
  • Provide recommendations to resource and remove obstacles to promote quality standards

Sustainability and ED Governance & Standards

  • Keep up to date with latest legislation, regulations and leading practice in the area of SHE, ED and SED and the impact for the complex
  • Collaborate with Group Sustainability to review standard operating procedures and application for the business unit
  • Put in place relevant systems, policies and procedures to drive the execution of the Sustainability policies, processes and objectives with a consistent approach; including SHE registers, checklists, analytics, data management
  • Develop and update Internal Control Standards in line with industry leading practice
  • Provide quality assurance and internal audits according to standards and practices across the complex on a regular basis to ensure SHE compliance, environmental sustainability and effective implementation of strategies and frameworks across all business activities and areas
  • Oversee the co-ordination and facilitation of integrated SHE internal and external audits, ensuring that all documentation is available and accessible for measurement and evaluation
  • Highlight areas of concern and collaborate with business unit management to find a solution for improved excellence in SHE standards and B-BBEE scoring targets (for ED and SED)
  • Organize the formation and training of SHE Committees, team members, management and employees in relevant aspects of SHE regulations and practices
  • Investigate and report on incidents and accidents as per OHSA and environmental requirements
  • Identify and monitor risks of non-compliance and non conformance as per Act, Regulations and company policy, and escalate if required

Sustainability and ED Reporting

  • Compile SHE, ED and SED reports in line with regulations and internal requirements
  • Compile, analyse, interpret, and report on accidents and injuries across the Complex
  • Monitor the completion and recording of reports / minutes/ presentations / departmental documents from SHE Committee meetings for auditing purposes
  • Monitor, review, analyse and report monthly on SHE, SED and ED targets for the business unit
  • Complete consolidated Complex reports and statistics including:
    • Investigative/ Audit Reports
    • Reports for Financial Reviews
    • Risk Reports
    • Month end reports
    • Audit reports
    • Trend analyses of data and information collected from the various business areas
  • Measure targeted performance against compliance standards, including initiatives, schedules, quality, cost, projected targets and risk criteria
  • Prepare documentation and evidence to support compliance against audit standards (including trends; statistics; project status updates)
  • Report on remedial action taken to ensure stakeholder requirements are met and expected ROI is achieved
  • In cases of underperformance and non-delivery, provide recommendations for relevant stakeholder with remedial action and document

Sustainability and ED Project Planning & Management

  • Monitor plans for SED, ED and SHE projects, Awareness Programmes and remedial actions to improve and maintain sustainability standards
  • Create a detailed programme plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully achieve standards against regulations
  • Determine the resources required to achieve standards, objectives and targets
  • Determine the targets, objectives and measures upon which the project will be evaluated at its completion
  • Develop a system that will be managed throughout the process to ensure that planned benefits always have owners and are achieved, sustained and optimise SHE objectives
  • Prepare and submit for in?principle approval the actions to be taken providing essential decision?making information regarding purpose, contribution to business objectives, expected value created, time frames, etc.
  • Oversee the execution of projects and initiatives by making key decisions, exercising overall control, assigning and co-ordinating resources
  • Oversee the set up of files to ensure that all information and spend related to the initiatives is appropriately documented and secured
  • Monitor solution delivery and (benefit/outcome) performance against plan throughout the audit cycle
  • Report on progress and challenges where relevant

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Understands and is able to impart knowledge on relevant subject matters around ED and Sustainability Management legislation, regulations and best practice
  • Builds credibility through developing strong working relationships with business unit teams and management
  • Oversee the communication of Sustainability objectives, standards and operating procedures, and projects to operational teams and employees and respond to questions posed by management and team members relating to Sustainability policies, standards, targets and regulations
  • Provides feedback, recommendations to resolve compliance issues and report back to management on challenges
  • Respond to queries efficiently and resolve to the satisfaction of the affected parties within the scope of authority and / or responsibility
  • Maintain regular communication (e.g. communicates product performance) with Sustainability Committees and the SHE and SED Teams across the complex and the Sun International group to gather relevant data and information
  • Participate as part of public forums and steering committees in the local district to understand Sustainability challenges and provide insight and SME advice on remedial action, solutions and projects viz environmental impact studies
  • Be the Complex contact for Sustainability SHE service providers, external stakeholders and authorities on SHE practices and compliance
  • Build and maintain good relationships with relevant internal and external stakeholders.
  • Develop, implement and monitor a stakeholder engagement plan and framework that is aligned with the group€™s strategy
  • Facilitate ongoing community engagement processes
  • Identify and monitoring appropriate SED and ED projects inline with the group€™s SED and ED strategies
  • Report, address and provide feedback on any external stakeholder issues in conjunction with the Unit€™s management team


Preference will be given to employees from the designated groups in line with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act, No. 55 of 1998, SISA internal recruitment policy as well as units employment equity plans.