Revenue Manager Operations - RMO0419
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Job Purpose

The Revenue Manager: Operations is accountable for initiating, implementing, managing and maintaining revenue and channel management systems, plans and processes, providing leadership around the use and application of technology to streamline revenue management operations and the risk management of information and data management with the aim of optimising hotel accommodation revenues, ancillary revenues and hospitality inventory management for the Sun International Group in line with Company procedures.


  • 3-Year Hotel School Diploma or Degree in Business Management


  • Minimum of 5 years front office, reservations, rooms and / or inventory management experience at a middle management level including:

comprehensive experience in hospitality reservations, property management, revenue management, database and online distribution management systems

Skills and Knowledge

  • Strong Analytical skills
  • Planning
  • Decision-making
  • Influencing skills
  • Reviewing / evaluating (feasibility / compliance / alternatives)
  • Controlling & directing resources
  • Innovation & continuous Improvement
  • Conceptualising
  • Building Positive Working Relationships
  • Customer Centricity & Stakeholder focus
  • Drive for Results
  • People Management

Key Performance Areas:

  • Stay abreast of hospitality and revenue management trends and align technology and its usage to optimise revenue management processes and reporting
  • Understand the Group Revenue strategy and translate this into Revenue Management operational objectives and targets to be communicated and distributed to the Group business unit properties
  • Act as a methodology expert and facilitate integrations between IT, digital and business teams, translating business requirements to technical requirements and practical solutions
  • Conduct investigations and analyses into potential technology innovations to grow the business and streamline processes
  • Provide innovative solutions for the design of customer platforms and interfaces
  • Provides short- and long-term market forecasts and reports by analysing business intelligence and directing research collection, analysis, and interpretation of market data.
  • Introduce online tools, channels and access to relevant content and pricing that enable revenue management teams to achieve their revenue targets
  • Influences present and future revenue management products, services, platforms and content management by determining and evaluating current and future market trends.
  • Extract and determine technology and other project requirements from the business, as well as anticipate new requirements that will be needed in the future.
  • Defines and manages scope, action plans and budget guidelines for various revenue management projects
  • Contribute to the Revenue Management strategy with regards to the improvement of online front-end platforms and the effective use of various online distribution channels and tools
  • Plan the implementation of new systems, applications and / or online tools and provide guidance to Revenue Management teams to allow them to take ownership of the system and data to deliver required services
  • Manage the transfer of knowledge and skills around business and system requirements to allow revenue managers to effectively and efficiently produce results
  • Identify solutions to meet unmet needs, goals, opportunities and challenges to leverage new business and relationships
  • Develops strong, trusting relationships with clients and partners, and provide leadership and support on updating, upgrading or changes to system and content
  • Analyse the consolidated Group reports, trends and statistics with regards demand forecasting and yield management for the Group including short (1-3 months); medium (3-6 months) and long term (6 -12 month) initiatives to achieve targets.
  • Monitor and make recommendations to adjust plans in line with statistics and current and forecasted bookings including overbooking statistics, hurdle values; length of stay values, etc.
  • Monitor and review reservations bookings, analysing the data in terms of market segments and channels
  • In collaboration with business unit teams, audit the system and resolve any inventory imbalance issues, overselling, room nights and revenue picked up or dropped off; as well as actuals against budget and forecasts
  • Make value add recommendations and cost effective competitive solutions that address inefficiencies, opportunities or risks in order to achieve targets
  • Provide support and insights into escalated Group Sales proposals to facilitate business decisions on the planning and evaluation of Group and conferencing business to the acquisition and retention of business and the conversion of enquiries into events
  • Identify and follow-through on any new opportunities to partner with affiliates and referrals (e.g. local government and tourism bodies)
  • Plan and facilitate advertising on various relevant distribution channels and build reputation and brand awareness for the growth of the Sun International hotel business and boost revenues against forecasted targets
  • Monitor the consistency and parity across all channels for the distribution of inventory and rates
  • Facilitate the development of multi-channel initiatives and online content to promote Sun International with different affiliate partners to build upon current client strategies to meet/exceed objectives
  • Oversee rates administration and distribution including ORS user management and tour operator online rate distribution
  • Develop and ensure the availability of standards and processes for online revenue management processes and data management €“ ensuring they are updated and communicated
  • Monitor and align practices with new legislative compliance and security protocols
  • Conduct quality assurance to ensure procedural compliance and data integrity for tracking and analysis purposes to enable accurate demand forecasting and reporting
  • Enable, embed and monitor the optimal use and application of the hospitality management system e.g. Opera suite within operations
  • Develop and monitor that there are sufficient control measures (including systems and processes) & checks within all business units to mitigate any risk to the business.
  • Identify any training needs / gaps with regards implementation and ensure coaching / training happens to mitigate risks.
  • Make recommendations to improve any system inefficiencies and improve performance
  • Oversee testing and compliance of new or enhanced products to ensure requirements of key stakeholders (customers, partners and staff) are met and the completeness and accuracy of rooms revenue management
  • Monitor and review the interfaces tracking dashboards and reports in order to resolve any data issues timeously
  • Work with internal stakeholders and business partners (reservations, F&B, and G&E) to identify risk areas and address these making recommendations; changes and enhancements
  • Analyze overall business data, draw insights, and prepare reports in a cohesive, intuitive, and simple manner for relevant stakeholders, including:
  • Conducting analyses to monitor, report and make recommendations ito optimal business mix via market segmentation analyses (actual forecast; revenue contribution by market segment ito occupancy volume and value (ADR) for the Group.
  • Conducting risk analyses i.t.o impact on short term profit margins vs. long term sustainability around relationships with Groups and conferencing business
  • Conducting analyses of distribution channels with regards business and activations to understand market preferences and activity for business operations
  • Compile, review and report on internal benchmarks and statistics, ensuring metrics are up to date and accurate
  • Investigate external benchmarks and conduct competitor analyses including
    • Time to market against competitors
    • Competitors within the market segment (market fair share)
    • Competitive positioning (MPI + ARI = RGI)
    • Risk Management (contractual obligations) benchmarked to competitors in terms of cost benefit
  • Monitor and review structure pricing and ensure these are aligned to
    • demand for qualified & unqualified customers, vs. many different rates used for tracking
    • existing BAR rate levels
    • dynamic pricing for FIT (BAR): optimise use for quality of revenue
    • dynamic pricing for GRPS (GRP BAR): optimise use for quality of revenue & conversion tracking
    • reputational pricing
  • Communicate any new pricing decisions to relevant stakeholders both internally and externally within 24 hours
  • Implement a distribution plan to leverage new business
  • Creates specifications for reports/ dashboards and analysis based on business needs, and provide narrative, interpretation, and recommendations.
  • Create standardized, automated reports as well as more in-depth analyses suited to centralized analysis which will provide intelligent data to facilitate business decisions, as requested
  • Provide input into the customer acquisition strategy, to maintain, grow and optimize customer acquisition via Analysis of Data using appropriate BI Tools
  • Produce reports for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual performance reviews for Management, as requested.
  • Liaise with PCO€™s, Travel Agents, Guests, Tour Operators, Online Travel Agents to understand business requirements
  • Communicate with competitors to understand Revenue Gains Index (RGI), competitive pricing, etc.
  • Communicate Group objectives, standards and operating procedures to internal teams and external service providers as per SLA
  • Clearly define, delegate and manage plans, authority and accountability to IT, partners and third party service providers
  • Maintain regular communication with regards non-conformance; planned changes in pricing, procedures, standards; performance; etc.
  • Manage Group Revenue Management interventions to optimise synergy, benefits and engagement of all parties to achieve revenue targets
  • Build relationships and negotiate deals and pricing with preferred affiliates on advertising space and coverage
  • Provide ongoing training, coaching and support to business unit revenue management teams on revenue management systems, plans, processes and reporting
  • Manage staff conditions of employment, e.g. attendance, absenteeism, leave, adherence to policies and procedures
  • Identification of employee training needs
  • Perform on the job training and coaching to close developmental gaps and build succession for a talent pipeline within the outlet
  • Monitor adherence to SOPs including conducting of quality assurance calls
  • Manage employee relations within the department
  • Staff communication and motivation
  • Performance contracting, reviews and development
  • Provides resources and removes obstacles to performance
  • Recruit and resource for talent for positions within the department
  • Onboarding of new staff members in technology department


Preference will be given to employees from the designated groups in line with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act, No. 55 of 1998, SISA internal recruitment policy as well as units employment equity plans.