Arena Venue Manager - N/A08124
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Time Square



Job Purpose

Accountable and responsible to provide technical expertise and support in the planning and delivery of entertainment productions and shows for the Time Square Arena facility (including technical set-up, security, entertainer management, logistics, health and safety, managing front of house operations and front of entrance experience) in line with Sun standards and legislative requirements and regulations.


3-Year Degree in IT / sound / theatre management or equivalent


  • Min 5 years experience in a technical lighting, sound or stage production including 3 year in a management / supervisory experience
  • Experience in project management is an advantage

Skills and Knowledge

  • Functionality of AV/ Sound equipment
  • Functionality of Lighting and stage equipment
  • Production Process
  • Rigging
  • Entertainment industry knowledge
  • Quality Assurance
  • Entertainment Product offerings and standards
  • Labour & risk legislation
  • English written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficiency in MS Office Suite
  • Business Acumen
  • Contract management
  • Knowledge and application of legislation relating to Safety, Health and the environment
  • Risk Management

Key Performance Areas:

Delivered Technical Production Plans & Support

  • Understand the annual entertainment event / show calendar, plans and requirements for the Arena facility
  • Communicate objectives and production information to the team and key stakeholders to ensure delivery of the production against expectations
  • Liaise with €œvisiting€ production teams around their technical, stage and support staff requirements to ensure a seamless delivery at production
  • Compile technical plans to deliver lighting, sound and stage requirements in line with expectations
  • Collaborate with security to build and integrate security plans for the production / show
  • Host €œvisiting€ production teams and assist with all Get-in activities, technical duties (rigging, focusing, plotting, etc.), operating flying systems, basic stage work, operating lighting, sound and or AV equipment and Get-out activities
  • Hire or source any additional technical equipment requirements
  • Organise and track the sourcing and storage of props, wardrobe and scenery requirements
  • Be available on the floor and interact with production crew to build relationships, understand expectations and provide a hospitable experience for the lifespan of the show on site
  • Deal with and resolve any escalations.

Arena Product Offering

  • Monitor the market to understand production / entertainment trends and brand relevance including product, pricing, and service provider offerings available in the market
  • Collaborate with the Operations Manager and Marketing Manager to build objectives and processes that will engage production houses in delivering entertainment productions and services in line with company standards
  • Make recommendations of improvements to products and service offerings in line with trends in the industry ensuring that the product offerings are relevant
  • Recognize and provide insights on trends, barriers, risks and opportunities that may impact the success of the production
  • Manage the relationships and provide support to entertainers and the production team throughout the contractual agreement period to ensure that planned benefits are achieved, and sustained.
  • Monitor products, service offerings and displays throughout the Arena facility to ensure standards are aligned with the €œSun€ brand
  • Organise and follow-up on a regular preventative maintenance schedule and necessary inspections of all technical equipment; handling any issues / risks identified
  • Organise proper storage facilities that are safe and secure
  • Monitor customer service feedback with regards quality and service in the Arena environment
  • Conduct a post mortem of events / shows and measure success and return on investment of productions and identify issues and challenges when not achieved

Compliance Management

  • Manage staff conditions of employment, e.g. attendance, absenteeism, leave, adherence to policies and procedures
  • Organise staff schedules in line with production schedules and requirements
  • Manage productivities and payroll costs for the facility
  • Identification of employee training needs
  • Perform on the job training and coaching to close developmental gaps
  • Manage employee relations within the department
  • Staff communication and motivation
  • Conduct Performance contracting, reviews and development
  • Provides resources and removes obstacles to performance
  • Recruit and resource for talent for freelance and permanent positions within the department
  • Onboarding of new staff members / contractors / production teams

Service Provider Management

  • Is a point of contact for entertainers and production teams to resolve any technical production challenges and / or requirements
  • Provides relevant guidance and support to operational teams and stakeholders within Time Square€™s Arena facility in order to perform the duties and relevant operations effectively
  • Communicates department€™s objectives, standards and operating procedures to internal and external service providers as per SLA
  • Collaborates with marketing on production dates, changes and requirements
  • Communicates any special production requirements or changes to other relevant operating departments
  • Liaises with security around the securing of equipment and security plans for events / shows
  • Liaises with maintenance and housekeeping around the upkeep of the aesthetic appearance of the facility
  • Provides feedback and reports back to Unit management on the performance, progress and challenges including security, entertainer management, logistics and the front entrance experiences


Preference will be given to employees from the designated groups in line with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act, No. 55 of 1998, SISA internal recruitment policy as well as units employment equity plans.