Maintenance Manager : Sun Central & VOW - N/A07774
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Sun City Resort



Job Purpose

Overall accountability for the entire maintenance operation across the property, in such a manner that the buildings; facilities; equipment and infrastructure is maintained and repaired according to company standards thereby ensuring that the grading standards of the property are maintained; and identify, implement, manage and review cost leadership opportunities and manage all capital projects for plant upgrades and modifications.


4-Year Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering plus a GCC in mechanical / electrical engineering


  • Minimum of 5 year€™s experience in a management position within a maintenance environment
  • Project management experience
  • Experience in managing contractors / suppliers

Skills and Knowledge

  • Project Planning & Delivery
  • Standards & Governance

  • People Management
  • Financial Management

  • Stakeholder Relationship Management



Key Performance Areas:

Delivered Maintenance & Preventative Maintenance Plans

  • Understand the business strategy and objectives across the complex and align maintenance and development project plans and timelines accordingly
  • Develop strategic objectives for the Unit€™s maintenance and development deliverables
  • Facilitate the project management and achievement of milestones of the function deliverables
  • Compile a preventative maintenance plan for the 12 -36 month period
  • Benchmark buildings and facilities with leading development trends and make recommendations for the improvement of current processes and standards
  • Identify and investigate new development, environmental and energy-saving opportunities for the property
  • Direct risk analyses i.t.o impact on short term profit margins vs. long term sustainability
  • Provide clear delegation of authority and accountability for deliverables at all levels
  • Communicate with all relevant Stakeholders internally at a unit and Group level and externally
  • Manage and allocate people and operational resources
  • Align development and maintenance plans with EE, SD and procurement transformation strategies which contribute towards BBBEE targets being achieved for the property

Building & Infrastructure Management

  • Daily building and grounds walkabouts
  • Co-ordinate building maintenance and repair teams
  • Source contractors for building refurbishments and ensure work is completed to standard and within the budget
  • Plant maintenance and upgrades according to 5-year plan
  • Management of mechanical/electrical/HVAC / building maintenance and repairs in line with 3-; 6- and 12 month preventative maintenance plan
  • Building fabric maintenance, fixtures and fittings repair
  • Mechanical services repair and renewal management
  • Business continuity planning
  • Responsible for a call-out system for emergencies, and alarm-related call-outs
  • Compile and implement Fire safety procedures; fire equipment inspections and compliance
  • Manage staff appearance and floor appearance/ functioning of equipment and systems
  • Store and control assets; technical stock and parts
  • Record and resolve internal customer disputes / complaints
  • Project planning and management of development work; building refurbishments, moves and cyclical redecorations (external and internal) management
  • Seating designs and ordering of required office equipment
  • Update building plans / site plan layout thus ensuring building capacity planning & monitoring.

Asset Management

  • Maintains records of assets and operating equipment in all areas of maintenance across the complex including breakages, repairs, etc.
  • Maintains records on compliance management
  • Maintains records of usage and excess/ shortfall of licenses
  • Compile and oversee the execution of stock control procedures for the arrival, despatch and control of maintenance stock across the complex
  • Monitor stock, wastage and manage stock rotation across the resort
  • Oversee the control and maintenance of stock in the system in line with SOP
  • Compile processes and monitor the execution of stock control to minimise stock loss and account for variances as SOP
  • Stock Valuation Report submitted and reduced in stock loss indicated as per SOP€™s
  • Asset Exit procedures developed and monitored for discontinued products and operating equipment
  • Oversee results of stock takes conducted and report on variances and trends
  • Oversee and authorise disposal of obsolete stock/supplies as per SOP€™s
  • Assess and monitor the despatch and delivery of stock within agreed time frames.
  • Compiles reports for stakeholders

Project Planning & Delivery

  • Define the scope of the project in collaboration with senior management
  • Prepare and submit for in?principle approval the initial (conceptual) programme business case, providing essential decision?making information regarding purpose, contribution to business objectives, expected value created, time frames, etc.
  • Determine the resources required to complete the project
  • Determine and confirm the objectives and measures upon which the project will be evaluated at its completion
  • Establish and maintain a formal, approved integrated project plan (covering business and IT resources) to guide project execution and control throughout the life of the project.
  • Prepare and execute a quality management plan aligned with the QMS that describes the programme and project quality approach and how it will be implemented.
  • Manage the execution of a project by making key decisions, exercising overall control, assigning and co-ordinating business and resources, and placing formal requirements on authorising and accepting work, delivering and accepting work products as defined in the project plan.
  • Prepare for reviews to report on the progress of the programme
  • Develop forms and records to document project activities
  • Set up files to ensure that all project information is appropriately documented and secured
  • Monitor and control programme (solution delivery) and enterprise (benefit/outcome) performance against plan throughout the project life cycle

Standards & Governance

  • Oversee maintenance and engineering standards and processes are developed, communicated and audited on a regular basis
  • Align practices with new legislative compliance around health, hygiene, safety and the environment
  • Implement sufficient control measures (including systems and processes) & checks within each department to mitigate any financial risk to the business.
  • Conduct weekly walkabouts of all front of house and back of house areas to monitor compliance
  • Drive a waste management culture and ensure all staff are trained.
  • Work with internal stakeholders (maintenance, finance, HR, and security) to identify risk areas and address these

People Management

  • Lead and motivate employees and promote positive working relationships, direction and support
  • Lead and oversee departmental communication ensuring employee and management interaction
  • Measure and develop plans to enhance employee engagement
  • Identify and manage training, coaching and development requirements in line with strategic plans, e.g. skills shortages, succession plans, talent management
  • Ensure competent levels of staff meet operational level requirements (right fit for the job)
  • Source and Select talent as per EE plan to build the future food and beverage talent pipeline
  • Performance Manage and coach reporting managers to ensure KPA€™s are achieved
  • Manage employee relations within the function including monthly meetings with Union - formalised, minuted, issues addressed

Financial Management

Financial Management for the unit Maintenance function including:

  • Budget
  • Cost management
  • Capex
  • PIP and forecasting
  • Financial reporting for the function
  • Financial reporting on campaigns and marketing initiatives
  • Monitor and approve all budgeted project expenditures
  • Assess the impact of deviations on the project and overall programme, and report results to key stakeholders.
  • Write reports on the project for management and executives
  • Prepare financial reports and supporting documentation
  • Evaluate the outcomes of the project as established during the planning phase

Problem- Solving

  • Apply business acumen and sound common sense to the overall management of maintenance operations and teams within regulated standards;
  • Monitor changes in the maintenance operating areas and is quick to act upon potential opportunities, risks and challenges;
  • Consider all the facts, options and possible deliverables prior to making decisions;
  • Analyse and diagnose product performance issues in order to maximise or leverage the strengths of the team in a competitive environment;
  • Deal with diverse problems in own area, using judgment and discretion to resolve them


  • Provide information and make recommendations regarding products and services that will meet operational requirements;
  • Solve a wide range of queries related to financial performance, dealing with these sensitively and within operational/procedural limitations;
  • Solutions should be profitable and effective in delivery business results;
  • Arbitrate / resolve difficult conflict situations / complaints /issues / disputes.
  • Optimise and streamline existing systems and processes to support the business strategy in terms of cost efficiency, managing risks and improving the service offering;
  • There are guidelines/ policies and procedures in place to be followed, but the incumbent needs constantly consider ways of improving productivity and profitability




Preference will be given to employees from the designated groups in line with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act, No. 55 of 1998, SISA internal recruitment policy as well as units employment equity plans.