Trainee Dealer - N/A05383
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Job Purpose

Responsible to be the frontline customer service point in facilitating the play of casino tables games whilst providing exceptional service on the floor in accordance with company standards and gaming regulations.


  • Grade 12 or equivalent national qualification in gaming operations


  • Previous experience in a customer facing role (advantageous)

Skills and Knowledge

  • Ability to work shifts that meet operational requirements
  • Work in a smoking environment
  • Physical mobility to move around as per job requirements (including with the use of aids)
  • Full visual acuity (ability to discern colours
  • Manual Dexterity – ability to handle chips and cards with both hands

Key Performance Areas:

  • Check gaming area, table and float and ensure ready for play
  • Checks operating equipment prior to start of shift including shuffling machines; cards; chips; etc. to ensure all is functioning and ready for play
  • Check cleanliness of own section or station
  • Communicate and follow-up on the correction of any equipment faults or defects
  • Deal the relevant tables games (blackjack, American Roulette; or any other game as per business unit requirements)
  • Handle all player transaction requirements with regards placing of bets and paying out including cash and chip transactions
  • Provides audible and precise game commentary
  • Monitor and report on guest play and action (when required) on the Casino system
  • Keeps inspector informed of information relevant to the games and escalate any suspicious betting patterns or underage gambling
  • Opening and Closing of tables
  • Game hand over – Dealer to dealer and /or inspector
  • Conduct cash-ups and reconcile float at the end of shift
  • Substantiate and report on any float variances
  • Secure and transport float as required
  • Greet all guests with a friendly smile, acknowledge on arrival and departure, ensuring respect at all times
  • Interact with guests and provide professional service standards and solutions
  • Identifies customers and escalates as per RGP and FICA requirements
  • Educate punters on game information, various bet types, promotions and events, as well as products


Preference will be given to employees from the designated groups in line with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act, No. 55 of 1998, SISA internal recruitment policy as well as units employment equity plans.